108 Ma’s Holiday: Mr. Edwards Gets a Crash Course in Parenthood

August 29, 2017

Pa surprises Ma with a second honeymoon to Mankato. Mr. Edwards babysits (Yes, it’s as hilarious as it sounds.) and gets a very traumatic crash course in parenting. A rattlesnake nearly devours Carrie, Pa gets shut down for romance and every turn, but Jack the dog has the best week of his life.

Join Marissa, Julie, and Amy as we talk like we know everything about chickens, the germ theory, and reveal Julie’s greatest fear to the world.

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Special Thanks to David Rose Publishing for allowing us use of his iconic theme for the Little House on the Prairie show. (Composition Credit) © 1974 David Rose Publishing Co. | (Master Recording Credit) ℗ 2010 David Rose Publishing Co.


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