107 Town Party, Country Party: The Nordstrom Stores’ Origin Story

August 22, 2017

This week on Little Podcast on the Prairie, we explore the contributions of immigrants to the United States, a common disability, and Michael Landon's infamous temper on set. We are introduced to Laura’s friend Olga Nordstrom (future heiress to the Nordstrom Empire… we like to think) who suffers from a condition known as leg length discrepancy. As a special bonus, we get to see the inside of the Oleson’s house during Nellie’s birthday party (the “Town Party”), and it’s as dope as she says.

Just before Laura and Mary hold their own “Country Party” at the Little House, pa “invents” shoe lifts thus changing Olga’s life (and the lives of every other person suffering from that condition) forever. There’s nothing Pa cannot do.

Will Olga’s intense and sweaty father finally take a much needed chill pill? Are apple fritters an appropriate main course for dinner? Who will come out on top in the Laura v. Crab sub-plot? (Hint: It isn’t Nellie.) Find out all of this and more on this week’s episode.

Special thanks to our RN source Courtney Schuman.

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