106 If I Should Wake Before I Die: It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To

August 15, 2017

We’re back this week with the weirdest episode of Little House on the Prairie yet.  (We're on to you, Victor French.) We are introduced elderly neighbor lady Miss Amy Hearn who is notable because 1. she's the token Catholic of Walnut Grove and 2. the most long-winded lady this side of the Mississip'.

After literally talking her roommate and dear friend Miss Maddie to death, Miss Amy concocts a wild plan to fake her own death so she can see her children, whom she hasn’t seen for a while, at her funeral. She somehow manages to manipulate Doc Baker and the Ingalls family into going along with her crazy shenanigans and hilarity/just plain weirdness ensues. We're not sure what happens during the rest of the episode because we fell asleep while Miss Amy was on one of her long winded rants.

Join us as Marissa attempts to teach Amy and Julie about Catholicism, Julie unloads a TON of juicy details about the cast on the set of Little House, and then we all discuss how we want our remains disposed of after death. (It's less macabre than it sounds.)

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