109 School Mom: Gettin’ Bit by the Learnin’ Bug

September 5, 2017

After the future Walnut Grove serial killer causes Miss Beadle to get severely injured in an accident involving some dramatic stunts, the town begs Ma to be the school’s substitute teacher while Miss Beadle recovers. After reluctantly accepting the gig, Ma struggles to win over the students with her athletic prowess and build up the confidence of a giant, balding man-kid so he can read. Meanwhile, Carrie is babysat by the “Nelsons.”  (We all know “Nelsons” is a codename for a family of wolves in the forest. Seriously, no one watches this kid.)

This episode is sure to delight with plenty of Mrs. Oleson and Ma battles, average looking clay figurines, and Carolyn’s swiftly changing moods. Marissa and Amy get into a very long tangent on the little we know about the history of public education, Julie delights us with her dramatic gasps throughout, and we see evidence of a town ghost who haunts the church/school.

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