105 The Love of Johnny Johnson: You Know Nothing, Johnny Johnson

August 8, 2017

We're back with a half-pint sized story of love and heartache. This week, Laura sets her heart-eyes on the new boy in school―Johnny Johnson who resembles a 23-year-old ginger scarecrow or a poor-man's Mark Hamill. Johnny, however, only has eyes for Mary Ingalls and considers Laura to just be a lovable little kid that's really great at fishing, rock throwing, and all the skills one always looks for in a potential mate. Mary, on the other hand, “doesn’t give a hoot for that dumb old Johnny Johnson.”

Will Johnny notice Laura for more than his crush's adorable little sister? Will Laura's plan to make him fall in love with her succeed? Will Amy share way too much insight into her own emotionally fraught love story? Find out all of this and more with Julie, Marissa, and Amy as your guides.

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