104 Mr. Edwards Homecoming: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

August 1, 2017

Get out the way for Mr. Edwards because he's back! Pa runs into our favorite Wildcat from Tennessee while on a business trip to Mankato. After defying science by sobering him up in a river, Pa brings him back to the little house, and Mr. Edwards begins putting down roots into the town of Walnut Grove.

Will Mr. Edwards be able to accept his past, start healing, and begin looking forward to a new future? Will Ma be successful in her new role as the town matchmaker? Will we finally learn how to say the Reverend's last name? (Spoiler alert: We don't.)

Join Amy, Julie, and Marissa as we learn how NOT to sober someone up, what constitutes a hot date back in pioneer days, and how the song "Old Dan Tucker" is the most versatile song known to mankind.

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Special Thanks to David Rose Publishing for allowing us use of his iconic theme for the Little House on the Prairie show. (Composition Credit) © 1974 David Rose Publishing Co. | (Master Recording Credit) ℗ 2010 David Rose Publishing Co.


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