103 The 100 Mile Walk: Everybody Sweats Again AKA Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes

July 25, 2017

The Ingalls family's wheat crop is destroyed by a thunderous hailstorm, and Pa is forced to hit the road to find work so they can survive the winter. On his adventures he meets an Irishman with an explosive personality and a gentle giant of a Swede. Together, these 3-best-friends-that-anyone-could-have form the "Fellowship of the Wheat" and become experts at quarry work in record time. Meanwhile, Ma saves the day by gathering the women folk together to salvage what they can of the destroyed wheat.

Join Amy, Julie, and Marissa as they learn all about double-jacking and the importance of the safe search option on Google. Witness as they break open a century-old true crime mystery featuring one of the characters on the show.

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Special Thanks to David Rose Publishing for allowing us use of his iconic theme for the Little House on the Prairie show. (Composition Credit) © 1974 David Rose Publishing Co. | (Master Recording Credit) ℗ 2010 David Rose Publishing Co.


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